Marion Christine Fraede with MCF Consult are in Bavaria, Germany, Europe, International Project management, project realization and support of sales, Marketing, business economics process optimization, Information technology (IT), Event Management, Human resources. Specialist for Integration and Infrastructure Project

Knowhow in Manangement COnsulting, Integration projects, deliberation of Industry, IT, Consult, Consulting, Integration Projects, Quality management (QM), business economics process optimization, Project management, leading, Integration project, Interims Management, EDI Project, EAI, EDIFACT, ELFE, Software evaluation, Hardware, potential analyze, analyses. Marion is external lecturer at University Kufstein for Sales Management. She also is Principal Consultant for project management, projectmanagement, IT Lead, EDI Project Manager with EDIFACT, XML, RosettaNet. MCF (Frede, Fräde, Wrede, Vrede) is Moderation, Organisation, organization, Trade shows, exhibition, colleagues, employee, Training, Coaching, concept, Method, Methodology, Integration competence, Integration Knowhow, business, technical, SAP, ERP, Mentor training. MCF Horse Consult is Partner of MCF-Consult, Owner Marion-Christine Fraede. Big focus in education, Workshop, Training, Coaching, deliberation and Optimization, consult Sport and consulting horse back riding. Market analyzes, Ranking, strategic Planning. Enterprise application integration with electronic data interchange is core competence. EAI and EDI with EDIFACT and XML. We are specialists in project management, project roll out coordination. EDI with EDIFACT, ODETTE, COMTIA, EDICOS, VDA, XML and RosettaNet."

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Integration and communication - our core competence

Integration approaches us daily. There are different viewpoints how to support you with our specially know-how.

Especially in the background of information technology (IT), there are innumerable starting points where specially acquired capacities are required urgently.

Integrations of heterogeneous system landscapes in established business and Merger as well as in centralization projects require tact for the concerns of the single concerned departments and subsidiaries. And don’t forget, that for example the establishing of a European platform also affects customers and suppliers.

The interaction of business and technology, the necessary conviction working in the concerned within and outside of the business as well as a project management, which is carried out “in Time” and “in budget,” – that are the basic aspects of successful integration projects.

These total project directions can’t be managed by the “Process holder”, next to their daily work.

The MCF Consult offers this know-how out of a strong experience treasure. We cover both the business side and the technical aspects of the IT-departments as well as the tact in the intercourse with colleagues, customers and suppliers.

We offer the important support for the complete project management as well as for important part aspects. Our specialties are the integration of heterogeneous system landscapes, EAI (Enterprise application integration) as well as EDI (Electronic dates Interchange) by means of EDIFACT, XML and other standard. Thereto comes knowledge of business processes and therewith related Workflow’s, international team leadership as well as different methodic.


Your profit in your integration projects comes from our internationally acquired competence. Jointly we lead your project certainly to the goal.

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